Letter to the Editor

"Judge not, that

Thursday, January 19, 2006

ye not be judged"

Dear Editor:

Attention all Christians, including Christians who own convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, grocery stores that sell alcohol, or those Christians who enjoy an occasional glass of wine. No where in the Bible does it say that drinking or selling alcohol is a sin. Gluttony is the sin. In the Bible, did Jesus not turn the water into wine? Was this wrong? The Catholic Church drinks wine for Communion, and has beer gardens. Is this also a sin? The Bible says, "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

I own a convenience store in Barry County that sells alcohol. I am a Christian. I chose not to drink, but I sell alcohol. I also pray every day and try to help others along the way. I know a lot of fine people who drink, Christians included. Drinking is not a sin, if done in moderation.

These so called Christians who are trying to put a liquor store out of business in Cassville should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe they should read their Bible a little more before using God's name to serve an unjust cause like trying to get the preachers and Christians to incite a riot at City Hall. Where were these people when they took prayer out of the schools? In Eureka Springs, Ark., you can even get married in a liquor store.

If you think Wal-Mart selling alcohol will keep juveniles from drinking, you are wrong. If kids want alcohol, they will find it somewhere, but they can't buy it directly from the stores, we all check IDs, it's the law.

The only people you are hurting here is Cassville. Cassville receives a lot of revenue from Wal-Mart and all the businesses, can we afford to lose this? No. We should be welcoming businesses to this area, so the town will grow. No more liquor licenses mean no new convenience stores, no new grocery store chains, no new restaurants, no new revenue. Revenue comes from businesses, not churches. Churches are tax exempt. I am not cutting down churches, I am just stating a fact.


R. L. Linn

Christian convenience store owner in Barry County