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Thursday, January 19, 2006

support for Asbill

Dear Editor:

Richard Asbill is an outstanding superintendent whose financial skills have kept Southwest R-V School District monetarily solid. His hard work, commitment and dedication are largely responsible for our wonderful new high school facility, of which we are so proud. He has the ability and fortitude to make difficult decisions during a time of personal crisis and opposition.

These decisions, while sometimes unpopular, have always been based on what is most advantageous for the entire school district. The community and staff should resolve to do whatever necessary to retain Mr. Asbill at Southwest R-V School District.


Sherry Leonard

Janice Love

Sara Bennion

Steve Voyak

John Maddux

John Cook

Jeff Dickson

Janeth Henbest

Laurence Bryan

Jody Smith

Jackie Burns

Dana Parker

Glenda McCullough

Ed Harrall

David Smith

Steve Loveday

Freda Selby

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