Letter to the Editor

Beef producer voices concern for property

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Editor:

As a concerned citizen, I would like to know how all of us beef producers can go about protecting our own property.

Exactly what does the law specify? When has it become OK for a neighbor to come on your property, without your permission, take a cow with your identifying marks, remove them and say the cow is his, only because it has a notch in the ear like half of the rest of your herd does. The police was notified three weeks prior to him stealing the cow, (and I really cannot define it in any other terms) that there was a problem. I purchased this cow three years prior, had the breeding dates, vaccination dates, last calving date and our own distinct markings. But still that was not proof enough. This is not the first time we have had problems with out "neighbor." We have always called him if he had cattle on us and even helped him get them back on his property.

How come this "neighbor" is the only one to claim our cattle? To be more specific, this is not the first time he has claimed and kept cattle that did not belong to him. We thought we had our cattle marked not only with ear tags but also hog rings, which do not rust, corrode or come off easily. Still that is not enough identification. But those were removed and still that's okay? Sorry, something is amiss in our society when you can't even get the law to help...

Maybe we should go back to the olden days when men protected their property by six shooters and good old Southern Justice.


David and Wanda Long

Butterfield, Missouri