Letter to the Editor

Share Your Christmas was better than ever

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Editor:

Share Your Christmas has finished their yearly distribution, and Barry County has done it again. The quantity and quality of the donated gifts were better than ever. Over 350 children participated in Share Your Christmas this year.

We want to thank everyone who helped. The schools and businesses who put up toy trees, everyone who donated gifts and money, United Methodist for letting us use their church for the toy distribution, the people who shopped and the ones who helped fill the sacks and Cassville First Baptist for letting us use their Fellowship Hall for the clothing giveaway. We also want to thank the people who helped with the clothing distribution. In addition, First Baptist gave every family signed up Share Your Christmas household goods and cleaning items.

A very heartfelt thank you to the people who picked up toys and delivered them to the church, to the employees of OACAC for signing up applicants and for all their hard work, and to the employees of the Department of Social Services for handing out the sacks of toys. A special thank you to the Barry County Advertiser and the Cassville Democrat for the excellent articles about Share Your Christmas.

Share Your Christmas is a county project, and the people of Barry County are very generous with their time and money. There could be no toy or clothing distribution without your help. A lot of children had a happier holiday because you cared enough to Share Your Christmas. Thanks again, we appreciate each one of you.

The Share Your Christmas Committee

Cassville, Missouri