A new cultural experience:

Friday, December 2, 2005

Members of the Southwest Missouri Hmong Association participated in a formal celebration and cultural show during the Hmong New Year celebrationat the Monett Park Casino on Nov. 19. Several Hmong and Laos costumes were modeled during the fashion show event. Pictured at right, in a beaded ornamental Hmong costume, is See Yang, of Wheaton. The Hmong New Year celebration in Monett opened with remarks by Wa Thao Vang, the Southwest Missouri Area Hmong New Year chair, on Nov. 19. Throughout the day, members participated in authen-tic Hmong cultural perfor-mances. Dances included: Hmoob Txuj Ci, Lub Paj and Pa Houa Vang. Speakers included: David Horsey, main guest speaker; Jim Orr, Monett mayor; Jerry Lingo, Purdy School District superintendent; and Jim Cummins, Wheaton School District superintendent. Hmong youth participated in Pov Pob, which is a ball tossing courtship tradition. The Hmong women pictured below are demon-strating the Hmong dance Hluas Nkauj Hmoob Seev Cev.

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