Letter to the Editor

Halloween prank has affected many

Monday, November 28, 2005

Dear Editor:

On Oct. 26, at 2 a.m. in the morning, three teenagers were seen stealing the big blow-up pumpkin decoration displayed on our nursing home front lawn. What a disappointment, not only to our residents and staff but to the 160 children who visit our facility for our Trail of Treats on Halloween.

We realize that pranks abound on Halloween, but I wish that these young people would realize that this was not only disappointing but a financial loss as well. The decorations we have for all the holidays are purchased with money earned by the hard work from our staff and residents' families doing various fundraisers throughout the year. They range from yard sales, bake sales to raffles and more.

We do this to be a part of Cassville's beautiful Christmas lighting, but mostly to delight our residents who we take on van rides all over town several times through the holiday season. When they drive into our driveway you can see how proud they are at their contribution to our town. Last year we were fortunate enough to win first place in the commercial division of the Cassville lighting contest.

Our question is, do we risk putting our decorations out? We don't want to disappoint our residents, but we don't want to risk another theft. We can only hope that those boys might now understand that what they view as a fun prank is far reaching and affects many people in many ways.

If you are reading this, we ask that you might just bring our pumpkin back, no questions asked. Just leave it on the lawn and maybe then the Christmas spirit will be all the brighter at our home again this year.

The staff and residents of

Red Rose Inn

Cassville, Missouri