Letter to the Editor

Subscriber has happy memories of Cassville

Monday, November 28, 2005

Dear Ms. Schlichtman:

I am a subscriber of the Cassville Democrat and have been for several years. I was born and raised in the Cassville area and attended schools there. I was in the graduating class of 1941 though I did not get my high school diploma until after World War II in 1946.

Growing up in Cassville holds many fond memories for me and my brother, Tommy Shore. Tommy lives in Tulsa, Okla., and he and I are the only living of our generation. He doesn't have a computer so we communicate through the U.S. mail about every two weeks, and we do a lot of reminiscing about our youth in Cassville through our correspondence.

My purpose in writing this letter is to enclose a copy of a poem by Pauline Cox who was a teacher in Cassville for many years. As a matter of fact, she was my first grade teacher in 1929-30 and then in high school was my English teacher and public speaking. She attended our senior class 35th reunion in 1976, at the age of 93, and is buried in the Cassville Cemetery alongside my father Henry Elmer Shore. We children each received some pages out of her scrapbook, and this poem was on one of the pages along with several other items.

This, perhaps, is more information than you need but I am sure that many people in Cassville will remember Pauline Cox. I hope I haven't bored you with all this information. I thank you and am looking forward to our senior class reunion in May 2006, if there is one. If not, I plan to be in Cassville anyway for the annual alumni banquet. You are doing a good job as editor of the Democrat. May God bless you.

Weldon K. Shore

Modesto, California