Letter to the Editor

Recent editorial was "foolish and illogical"

Thursday, November 17, 2005

To the Editor:

Somebody gave me the Nov. 2 issue of the Cassville Democrat. Page 4 contains possibly the silliest and most ill-informed editorial I have ever read. It contains one factual error after another, as well as foolish, illogical conclusions.

The writer seems to express the sexist viewpoint that Harriet Miers should have been confirmed to the Supreme Court simply because she is a woman, that being female would make up for her lack of judicial credentials. Next the writer opines that "ultra conservatives wouldn't be happy with any female candidate." Wrong!

Ultra-conservatives pushed for Pricilla Owen, Edith Jones, Janice Rogers Brown, and other women but Bush felt ultra-liberals would fight against these imminent jurists. It was the way-left in this case that prevented a female nomination to the Supreme Court.

Next our commentator blames President Bush for refusing to "take responsibility" for the so-called CIA leak, and makes the statement, "Libby is accused of leaking the identity of a CIA agent . . ." That is absolutely 100 percent false!

Independent prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald made it clear in his indictment speech that there is no evidence that anyone leaked the identity of a covert agent. Valerie Plame was not an undercover agent, and her association with the CIA was well-known, even having been discussed publicly by her husband previous to the supposed leak. Libby was indicted for making false statements during an investigation, which concluded there had been no crime! Our commentator also forgets that in America Libby is presumed innocent until proven guilty -- an eventuality which is very unlikely.

The writer takes a swipe at Bush for receiving misinformation that led to the war in Iraq. Democrats in Congress received the same misinformation, and indeed the Democrats are responsible for passing earlier legislation binding the hands of our covert agencies and making it almost impossible for us to receive accurate intelligence. The Congress backed the war enthusiastically, even going beyond what Bush requested in the way of support. Also, one thing I notice is that we have not had any repeats of the 9/11 attack, so the war must be doing some good.

The liberal editorial writer frets about cuts to some of the most wasteful and botched federal programs in existence, the food stamp and school lunch programs. I would expect a big "Bravo!" from anyone who had actually studied the facts of these programs and learned how needful and appropriate these cuts are.

Oh, and of course every liberal likes to condemn "big oil" for making a profit. In truth, for every dollar we spend at the pumps, "big oil" gets about a dime. The entity we should condemn is "big government." About 46 cents of that dollar is taxes.

People who furnish news to the public have a responsibility to get their facts straight. They have the right to form foolish and illogical conclusions, but not to promulgate misinformation and lies.

Mark D. Meadows

Cassville, Missouri