Letter to the Editor

Gay Taylor sets the record straight

Thursday, November 3, 2005

To the people of the 29th Senatorial District:

Before the upcoming election, there is an issue I feel I must address. When my husband, Larry Gene Taylor, ran for State Representative and the Senate, Nolan McNeill worked against Larry and even stooped to dirty politics. Now he wants people to believe that he was good friends with Larry and even stating that I endorse him. Neither is true.

I guess we are seeing more dirty politics. I had not become actively involved in this race because Larry had friends in both parties, but I cannot stand by and allow someone to use Larry or myself falsely. Not only would we not have endorsed Mr. McNeill because of past dealings, but these false statements would definitely have sealed the decision.

I urge all registered voters to exercise the privilege to vote in the upcoming special election on Now. 8, and vote for Jack Goodman.


Gay G. Taylor

Shell Knob, Missouri