Letter to the Editor

Exeter sends thanks to county officials

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dear Editor:

As most of you know, the City of Exeter experienced a potentially harmful situation recently. Over 250,000 pounds of rotting meat was left at Eski-MO Packing for about a month. What you may not know is that without the help of our county officials the rotting meat would probably still be there.

The city contacted various state agencies, but we could not get a definitive answer from them as to how we were going to clean up this mess. Then our county officials came to our rescue. Cherry Warren, Mick Epperly and Johnnie Cox started making phone calls, and the response time from DNR was amazing. Doyle Childers, director of DNR, appeared personally at the site.

On behalf of the City of Exeter, our heartfelt thanks go out to our county officials. You were there when we really needed you.


Mayor Rusty Reed

Exeter, Missouri