Letter to the Editor

Local woman reaches out for more help

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dear Editor:

Do we ever really look at things with our minds truly open, so that we get the big picture?

I know we often look and wonder. I know when something major happens everybody wants to do the right thing and help. I myself sent clothes and whatever I could do to help (the hurricane victims). My heart broke, and I cried.

Families are so important, next to God. I probably will sound selfish, but there are loved ones here that need our help too. I feel that our plight doesn't matter, because we're not a mass. We are hometown people that need help. We didn't want to get cancer.

God tells us not to be vain, but as we lose our hair, from that point on, we see a different person in the mirror. It scares us to death. You feel lost, alone, ugly, a freak. You have no control over anything anymore. We've turned everywhere for help. Some people have helped. God bless you all. So much more help is needed. We got on our knees and prayed.

We want to reach people's hearts. The ones who say I've been there, or I want someone to care about my family if that ever happens. It can happen to a family out there. The first thought in my mind, the words out of my mouth were, "Why me, Clara Wolf?"

I now get chemo and radiation five days a week. It'll really take it all out of you, and you worry and pray that you can pay bills and afford to drive to your treatments. They tell me not to worry. It will make me more ill, but with the bills piling up, it's hard not to worry. You can't stop, but I pray every second I can. God bless.

Yours truly,

Clara "Jenny" Wolf

Exeter, Missouri