Letter to the Editor

A solution offered for animal shelter problems

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dear Editor:

I have been a supporter of the National Humane Society for over 40 years and a volunteer for the Doggie Thrift Shop in Eagle Rock for nine months. The controversy is outstanding. As an observer and not taking sides, I wonder why persons involved can't come to a solution to satisfy everyone.

To the new board of directors and the old board----shame on all of you! The new board has frozen all the money at the bank so none of the bills can be paid, which means no electricity at the shelter. The storage place that holds all the animal food has been locked out, so they will not have food. No one can be paid so no one will clean up the runs. And you blame the old board of mismanage-ment! Maybe some of you new board members would like to help clean after the animals or bring some food out and feed them. As it stands now, all the animals will have to find new homes at once, or starve to death. And you call yourself a humane society!

It seems simple to me. The dissenters of the Good Shepard Humane society need to build a humane home for animals. Carroll County could use another shelter to house all the neglected animals. There has been much printed of people wanting to contribute to a place without the current staff and management. Then why not allow these people to contribute to a new facility that could be more efficient and clean. Accurate records could be kept, and you could hire the manager you want.

In the book of Genesis, God created the earth in seven days, this included the animals. Can't everyone forget their differences and take care of the animals. You don't have to like someone to be tolerant. Mr. Bush does have a lot of supporters and good ideas for the animals. Maybe we need to let him have his dream of helping the lost and unwanted animals of the world.


Doris Williams

Eagle Rock, Missouri