Letter to the Editor

Activities will honor memory of CHS student

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Our school has lost an outstanding person and student. Whitney Cline was 15 years old and a sophomore when an automobile accident took her life on Oct. 1, 2004. She was a passenger on her way back from a football game. Her twin sisters are in the eighth grade at Cassville Public Schools. The dreams and aspirations of this young lady are now cut short. She will not graduate from high school nor will she attend college or pursue her dream of becoming a physician.

Her parents, friends, relatives and the community have established the "I Can" Scholarship Fund in her memory. It is awarded each year to a deserving student at Cassville High School who may wish to continue on to educational goals. This fall, of Oct. 22, there will be a grand program of events to obtain funds for the "I Can" Scholarship Fund, and of course to remember Whitney. It will be held in Cassville, and the events of the day include a 5K and 15K run as well as a silent auction, car show and many other activities.

This letter is a request for contributions to this event in her honor. Your help is greatly appreciated and of course will assist another student with dreams of life. Please keep alive the wonderful memory of Whitney Cline by becoming involved on Oct. 22. For more information, call me at 847-3137.

Terry Jamieson

Cassville High School

Assistant Principal

Cassville, Missouri