An extraordinary day of golf

Friday, September 23, 2005

History may have been made at the Cassville Golf Course on Sunday, Sept. 11 when a pair of area golfers hit back-to-back holes-in-one.

Jim Roe and Jeff Banks were enjoying a casual afternoon of golf when they arrived at Hole #17. Roe teed off first and Banks followed.

"Neither of us knew what had happened at first," Roe said. "When we got to the green, I saw Jeff's ball in the cup and couldn't find my ball anywhere. It was then when we saw there were two balls in the cup."

Roe hit with a four-iron and Banks with a six-iron. The holes- in-one came off 174-yard tee shots on a three-par.

"The odds of this happening are a lot like winning the lottery," said Roe. "This is unheard of. In fact, we've been checking around and it's so rare nobody has ever heard of it happening. I've heard of people getting holes in one during the same round but never on back-to-back swings on the same hole."

Randy Meadows, manager of the Cassville Golf Course, has contacted "Golf Digest" about the accomplishment as well as several area newspapers.

"I've never heard of such a thing or seen it before," said Meadows. "I think it would be the same as winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning the same day."

The hole-in-one was Banks' first and Roe's seventh.

For their efforts, Les Jacobs, of Les Jacobs Ford-Mercury, presented the two men with gold-plated putters. It just so happened that Jacobs and his wife, Susie, where on the course on Sept. 11 and witnessed the two men's accomplishment from the 18th hole.

"It was pretty exciting," said Les. "I saw Jeff tee off and I knew it was a good shot, but I didn't know Jim's ball was already in the hole."

Banks has been golfing for 14 years, and Roe said he has been "playing serious" since 1984.

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