Letter to the Editor

Sign is reminder to shop locally

Friday, September 23, 2005

Dear Editor:

I recently read an article on controversy over the "Shop the square" sign. I do not fully understand the problem here. The first time I saw the sigh, my immediate reaction was a reminder to shop locally. It did not impress me to only shop the square. I guess because I believe in spending money locally, I did not feel compelled to think only of the square. I would think that the majority of citizens would also think that way.

We need to be community minded and help each other out. If some tourists are on the square and happen to ask about an item that cannot be purchased on the square, I would assume that the merchants would be more than happy to direct them to the store that would provide the product.

The sign is attractive, not an eyesore, and is a good reminder to all of us to shop locally. I hope it does not have to be painted over.


Jo Ellen Fielding

Cassville, Missouri