Letter to the Editor

Americans chose hypocrites to lead

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dear Editor:

Why do so many people hate the United States? They see us for what we have become, a nation of hypocrites who chose the greatest hypocrites among us to lead.

Every president since I was born in 1932 has stated to the world that "we are a nation governed by the rule of law." Bull Feathers! If that were true, the law would apply equally to all. It does not.

G.W. Bush, and Slick Willie Clinton before him, said "I intend to appoint judges who will interpret the law."

Did I miss something?

Was not our constitution written in English by English- speaking men for all English-speaking people? What's to interpret?

All my life, my government has stated, "We have enough natural gas to supply the world well into eternity." Propane is made from natural gas, not oil!

Now we are told the cost of propane will go up 50 to 75 percent due to a shortage of oil. Were they lying then or are they lying now? The list of lies goes on and on from the lowest politicians to the highest, while the world watches and listens.

If you voted, you put these people in power.

If you did not vote, you let someone else put them in power.

As I see it, either we take these people out of power with the ballot while we still can or our children or grandchildren will be forced to do it with bullets.

It is for sure that it will take one or the other, because those in power mean to stay in power, and they intend to do that by writing new laws or interpreting the ones we have to ensure it.

They want to rule the world, and they cannot even rule their own country to the benefit of the people.

All any politician in this country cares about is whatever benefits themselves. I take full responsibility for the contents of this letter, but I doubt it will ever be printed.

Jim Deiser

Cassville, Missouri