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Spring: a time of beauty and peril

Posted Monday, March 26, 2012, at 1:24 PM

By Mati Spencer

Spring is the revitalizing time of year filled with new life and gorgeous temperatures. With the budding of new plants and the splashing of rain drops echoing in every listener's ear, spring resonates in the hearts of many as a time of new beginnings.

Yet with the many splendors of this time of year, many dangers also present themselves. The rainy weather provides considerable barriers for all drivers, but especially to those who are new to the road.

When it rains, roads quickly become flooded, and the ability to judge the depths of the muddied water becomes difficult. As the water rises to just a few inches above the road, it can sweep away a vehicle as large as an SUV. In any situation where flooding occurs, motorists need to drive slowly and search for an alternative route.

Furthermore, if windshield wipers are needed, law states that drivers must turn on their headlights as well. This allows other drivers to locate each other in dark and rainy conditions. Executing these safety measures ensures the protection of both the driver and fellow motorists or pedestrians that may be present.

In addition, always use a safety belt when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Wearing a safety belt, an action often shirked by teen drivers today, proves vitally important to safe driving. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, in the past three years, as many as 600 young drivers died in car accidents within the state of Missouri. Of those who had safety belts in their cars, 78 percent of the teens did not use them.

Likewise, drivers under the age of 21 only make up 10 percent of licensed drivers, yet they account for 30 percent of the total number of traffic accidents. Many fatalities have occurred as a result of young drivers not using seat belts, and many lives could have been spared through using these devices.

Overall, spring paints a beautiful picture of nature's rebirth, but can also present danger if drivers disregard the proper safety precautions. The paramount way to fully enjoy the magnificence of spring is by obeying the laws set in place to protect us from unseen threats and hazards.

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